Finished! 30 paintings in 30 days!

Here’s 25 of the 30. I used picmonkey and it didn’t give me 30 squares. But all of my 30 can be found on my instagram, as I painted them and posted. So what have I learned? hmmm. This might take some time to figure out. I had originally wanted to focus on different color combos, flowers, and simplifying/style.

I think I did accomplish these but I’m not done. I want to continue this practice but maybe not quite every day. I could probably learn more if I didn’t need to finish a painting in one day and just do a “study” or sketch. I have a few favorites and am not sure if they’re my best work or just different from what I’ve done in the past.

A few of these were “cheats” as they were already paintings and I just went over every inch of them with paint (redos). Those were also leaning experiences for me though. One thing is, most of these are fairly small and I might like to paint a few in a larger version.

I’ll be offering most of these and the others that didn’t get on here in my Etsy shop soon! I still need to photograph and post them. A few have already sold, which was an added bonus to this challenge! Paid for the paint! yay!:)

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