How to propose without an engagement ring

Giving a diamond engagement ring at the same time as a proposal is a relatively new trend in some countries. Until now, many people refuse rings, preferring to buy quite different jewelry to commemorate the romantic moment or do without them at all. The reasons for the absence of the main accessory some men call the limited personal budget, others – the desire to let the woman herself choose what she likes. Regardless of the reasons, a proposal without a ring can also be very romantic and emotional.

If not a ring, then what?

As a precious gift instead of engagement rings vancouver in honor of the engagement can be:

  1. Earrings. When buying gold earrings, you won’t have to worry about the fact that they won’t fit. You can easily decide on the shape of the jewelry by looking up what models your girlfriend prefers. A win-win option is small diamond poussets whose versatility allows you to wear them every day. Play around with the pairing of earrings that are as inseparable as you and your beloved.
  2. Pendant. Another great alternative to a ring that allows you to not have to worry about secretly measuring the diameter of your ring finger. For an engagement ring, themed jewelry with a “heart” design will be suitable. The color of gold and stones should be chosen according to the preferences of your future bride, you know her well, right?
  3. Bracelet. In India and some other countries, it is a bracelet on a girl’s hand that symbolizes her new social status. You can buy two identical jewelry pieces, differing only in size, and make an engagement rehearsal for the wedding ceremony.

The promise of a ring

Want to know how to get the rapture and adoration in the eyes of the woman you love? At the same time, ask her to get married and to the jewelry store so that together you can buy that engagement ring that she will like. At the moment of the touching explanation, present her with a short-term replacement, such as costume jewelry. Yes, it’s not a real gold ring, but that’s what it looks like at first glance. And you’ll have time to find a permanent piece of jewelry.

You can open an engagement ring store catalog on your phone, and offer your girlfriend a choice here and now. Use the sorting by type of jewelry, color of gold and type of inlay – choose with pleasure. This will help you find a wide range of modern engagement rings. Take advantage of this opportunity and you will have a chance to discover many interesting options.

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