Truly Reinventing My Life

I have been neglecting my blog! Not sure why, but I suppose it’s because I’ve been busy…no excuse, but really busy. So much has happened this past month that my life is no longer what it was. I’m in a different city, meeting all new people, finding new places to shop and eat. It’s an exciting time of my life brought on by tragedy.

I don’t know how else to describe it. Without getting into too much detail, I got back from Hawaii to find I was being cheated on by my husband (we were once married, divorced, then reunited about 4 years ago). We have been together for 15 years with a 2 year separation in between. All I asked was that I could get my stuff out without her being there but he couldn’t respect that wish. It was more than anyone should have to endure, but I know in the end it will make me stronger. I hadn’t wanted to live there anymore so it’s for the best, but now I’m no longer so near my mom. It’s so hard. It’s all so hard.

But life goes on, right? It has to.
I’m focusing on my art and know it will heal me. The best part is that I’m near the beach in Ventura now, living with my brother. I’m so grateful for him. I’m beginning to meditate again.
New beginnings. Life reinvented.

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